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Agent Procedure for Automating New PC Setup?

I am trying to automate the process of bringing in a new machine into Kaseya. Typically we have bulks of 20-30 new machines and having my techs go through a long checklist of what to do in Kaseya for each machine becomes tedious and causes missed steps which then effect patching and deployment. I am looking to just install Kaseya and be able to schedule an Agent Procedure that will perform the following: Assign it to a Patch Policy, Assign it to a Software Deployment profile, initiate an immediate initial update, (if possible) be able to set the schedule for Patch Management 'Scan Machine' and 'Automatic Update', initiate an immediate software deployment, then run a separate agent procedure we've made for pushing our anti-virus. I know it's a lengthy request, and not sure if some of it is feasible. Let me know if you need more info.

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Douglas Sanchez about 2 years ago

This can all be done by using Policies inside of the "Policy Management" module. You could reach out to your account manager in order to schedule a technical account review to get some help on how to leverage policies. 


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