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Agent procedure to install kaseya agent on new machine

Looking for an agent procedure that will prompt for an ipaddress and it will install the kaseya agent on the workstation.

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Douglas Sanchez about 4 years ago

I was working around the agent procedures to get this working but I doubt it is possible. I tried making a powershell script to get the package and remotely transfer it to the endpoint but it would require you enable powershell remoting on the device which defeats the purpose. The Deployment module should allow you to install an agent on a new machine after a network scan though which is the closest I could think of to complete the request.

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Roy Herron almost 4 years ago

Hey Douglas you can do that with the Discovery Module in the VSA, you'll have to setup a probe either on your domain controller or via a probe in the same subnet. Then you can create a policy that will install the agent, add it to the correct group in your vsa along with other options that you can define.

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Marc Reiter almost 4 years ago

I frequently use psexec to do this manually. You might be able to script it using this.


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