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Empty Downloads folder for all users script

I'm looking for a script that could be ran at regular intervals to empty all downloads folders (standard windows 10 default downloads location) of all local user profiles with provided local admin credentials.

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Andy Martin 8 months ago

I was able to script this myself using executepowershell ps1 file.

The powershell script is as follows:

foreach($userfolder in (Get-ChildItem c:\users)){

    if(Test-Path "C:\Users\$($\Downloads"){

        $path = "C:\Users\$($\Downloads"

        Get-ChildItem -Path $path -Recurse| Foreach-object {Remove-item -Recurse -path $_.FullName }


        Write-Warning "Folder not found for $($"



For the procedure I used impersonateUser and admin as the user, with local admin password, and domain blank.

Then executePowershell below pointing to the location of the ps1 file.

Works excellent.

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Andy Martin 9 months ago

I would also assume it should delete the recycling bin contents after as well.


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