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Disabling Macros for Office

I am looking for a kaseya procedure to disable macros in ms office for windows machines.

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Roy Herron almost 4 years ago

For that you would create an agent procedure to add/modify that registry key on the machine. Then schedule and run the procedure on the machines.

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Christopher Tagliaferro almost 4 years ago

The registry key to change this is per application (not for all of office). Here's an example of how to disable Macros for WORD.


Here's a link explaining more about the values for this key:

The best way to do this is via domain group policy if available (see the above link).

If not, the challenge is that this is a per-user setting so I would imagine the best way to do this is a RunOnce registry key. Check this thread out for someone that did something similar for EXISTING and NEW users:


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