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Windows 10 standard preferences

We do standard user profile setting or preferences or standard setup of every PC we onboard for our client users like shortcuts, Wall paper, Disabling UAC, power plan, Performance settings, Memory Dump settings etc Is there any way export or clone that settings to every new PC coming in to setup?

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Crispin over 1 year ago

It is like copy user profile setting only minus data/applications to other PCs

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John Nuttall 5 months ago

This is certainly possible, but the things that you mention are quite diverse and bespoke.

Shortcuts (presumably on the desktop) can be delivered using the WriteFile() procedure function. You would have to upload the shortcut files to the VSA server, but once there, they could be written down to the endpoints with a procedure.

Wallpaper settings are a per-user setting, so an agent procedure would have to check if a user is logged in, and apply the desired wallpaper. This would use the WriteFile() step to deliver the actual image to the machine, then the SetRegistryValue() to tell windows which image you want to use.

Disabling UAC would be done through the SetRegistryValue() as well, but this is a system setting, rather than user specific.

Kaseya actually ships with four "Sample Procedure" called Set User Access Control (UAC) to <operation mode>

Performance Settings, again are specified in the registry, so the desired values could be set through procedures.

Memory Dump settings - as above.

Although all these things can be done through procedures, this would be very bespoke, with each customer wanting different settings, and so it would be tricky to make a single procedure that would satisfy everyone's needs - each customer would need their own procedure.

Desktop Policy and Desktop Migration

There is a Kaseya VSA module called "Desktop Management", that was designed to provide this sort of functionality.

It allows you to backup, restore and migrate Windows profiles. You can take a backup of a Windows profile, and migrate this to other machines, or other users.

In addition, you can specify things such as printers, mapped drives, power settings and so on and automatically apply these settings to machines.

I am not sure if this is an add-on module or standard, but you can read the help here and see if that is something that might help -


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Dhaval Brahmbhatt 2 months ago


This is all certainly possible and I am happy to work on this. I need you to specify the exact settings you want and the values you want and see if I can whip up the Agent procedure for this. I love doing this so it will be a fun project. 



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