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Write Warranty Information from Warranty Master Back Into Kaseya

I'd like to be able to write the warranty information from Warranty Master back to Kaseya, so it can be included in asset reports to clients and for our procurement department.

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Nick over 3 years ago

there will be direct integration starting in R9,5

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Chris Amori about 3 years ago

This should be possible now. If you don't want to use WarrantyMaster, we just published a Dell Warranty Lookup script.

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Mike about 3 years ago

In VSA 9.5 we worked with Warranty Master and we've built the ability to write the data from Warranty Master back into VSA - see the announcement at:

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zamakli almost 3 years ago

Hi i think Enabling like i saw on : Plex Lucky Patcher Kodi the two-way sync options only if you want to write expiration dates and purchase dates to your IT Glue account. Refer to the instructions in Warranty Master for details.

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zamakli almost 3 years ago

see: , & to be more sure ;)


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