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File Changes on Server

I'm looking for a procedure or something that will monitor or report file changes such as deletes. The server is Windows Server 2016 and I believe there are file audit items I can turn on within windows server but am looking for something to provide reporting or possibly real time events as they are changed.

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Kaseya Automation Team 7 months ago

This request would be dependent onĀ 

a) a powershell consistently running on an endpoint (can have performance impact)

b) an AP that consistently checks the status of the powershell (can have vsa performance impact)

c) an AP that consistently checks the powershell is running (can cause a loop)

I do not believe this is capable to be done without a significant amount of effort to ensure it works correctly. This would be more of a feature request, enhancement, or stand-alone tool rather than an automation AP that can be run on endpoints.


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