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Reboot based of uptime

I need a procedure that will check all machines that have an update of 14 days or more, then send the end user a reboot request to reboot or just force a reboot if the user is idle.

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Grant Boyles 6 months ago

Hi Jack - This could be accomplished with a Policy. An example would be like-
Create a view that looks for machines that have a WORKSTATION OS with 14+ days up time (call it No reboot 14 days-Workstations). in the view details use Machine status - Show machines that HAVE been online with 1 minute and Show machines that HAVE NOT rebooted in the last XX days).

Create a new Policy called - Reboot Workstations after 14+ days

Point the policy to the newly created view 

Add the reboot agent procedure to that policy.

Once the policy is applied to the view of machines with 14+ uptime then the agent procedure will run on those PC's. I'd suggest rebooting at 11pm or 4am - whatever is good for your clients. Best wishes! 


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