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Enable Disable system restore and Create system restore point

I'm looking to a Kaseya script that could do two functions with Windows System Restore: 1) Enable or Disable it on each machine and Windows flavor (7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2008, 2012) 2) Run schedule CREATE at any giving time on any of those machines Would that be possible? Thank you for answers. Elton

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Jay Jansen almost 3 years ago

These scripts already exist and come pre-canned within the VSA.

System > Core > 1 Windows Procedures > Desktops > Machine Control > System Restore
* Create named restore point
* Disable system Restore All Drives
* Enable System Restore on All Drives
* List All System Restore Points

System > Core > 1 Windows Procedures > Desktops > Common Maintence Tasks > System Restore
* Create Patch Management System Restore Point
* Create Weekly Desktop Maintenance System Restore Point


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