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Set adobe reader dc as default progrm

I'm looking for a agent procedure to set adobe dc as the default pdf reader instead of edge

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Gonzalo Carrillo about 13 hours ago

Hi Mike,

Because the ASSOC command, whether via CMD or Powershell, requires elevated permissions to run effectively, it will not be possible to do this via Agent Procedure.

Unfortunately, Windows doesn't have a means of elevating permissions programmatically. The /runas command doesn't let you pass the password in its parameters, and even if it did, you would have the UAC to contend with.

The command itself is pretty simple:

assoc .pdf 

This will give you name of the filetype to use in your command

Finally this command would do it:

ftype File Type="absolute-path-to-application" "%1"

I'm sorry this went so long without an update, but I figured I'd chime in!



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