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Agent procedure to reset local admin password with schedule

I'm looking for a agent procedure that resets the local admin password on a schedule basis.

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Justin Bragg about 3 years ago

Would love to have this too! to enable / disable account and to automate updating the password with a randomly generated password that is then stored somewhere within kaseya to one time use access.

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Jay Jansen almost 3 years ago

You can use a password generator with an open API such as to generate unique passwords

Use - executeShellCommandToVariable as System
powershell.exe Invoke-restmethod -uri ""

Use - executeShellCommand as System
net user Administrator "#global:cmdresults#" /y

As far as storing it you could either use Send Email, Update Procedure Log, Update system info to write to a custom field or write to a txt file and do get file to ..\docs\filename.txt to pull it back to the docs tab on the agent. I tested this and it works well but how you want to implement it is up to you. Hopefully this is helpful :)


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